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Get Connected

Making relevant and meaningful connections with other women in the healthcare design and construction industry can be challenging, but is necessary for growing and developing yourself and your business. While many women’s networking groups focus on strength in numbers, Building Women puts the focus on the strength of the interactions between our members. We provide a platform for nurturing the relationships we develop, allowing our members to share ideas and information while offering – and receiving – support and guidance. We firmly believe that professional relationships help create opportunities.



Prepare to Advance

With a focus on personal and career growth and development, you will have the opportunity to connect with women in various phases of their career paths; from those just starting out to those who’ve been there and done that. By fostering an environment of creativity and collaboration, we come together to question, brainstorm, and share in a non-judgmental setting, offering opportunities to evaluate your career growth strategies, apply invaluable lessons, and broaden your perspective.



You Can't Do It Alone

With Building Women, you can surround yourself with - and learn from - some of the brightest women in the industry. Through sharing experiences and lessons learned, and with a focus on creating organic mentoring opportunities, we can arrive at Building Women’s main goal: to help shape how leading women within our industry structure and manage their personal and professional growth; garnering respect and setting themselves up for success.

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