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We're Back!

After a bit of a hiatus, we have recommitted to Building Women and are ready to get this program back on track!


We realized that a monthly event was a little too aggressive for our group, and have decided to change the frequency to every other month. With our original mission in mind, we’d still like to offer educational/growth opportunities to our members, but not lose the wonderful networking benefits that our socials bring. We will aim to change the bi-monthly event back and forth between an educational/growth session (open to Building Women only) and a less formal Social (as always, open to all). We are also working to more formally organize a Planning Committee to help lead these events.


So where do we start? With a RE-BOOT SOCIAL, of course! AEI has graciously volunteered to help Building Women with our re-boot and will be serving as our host for our Re-Boot Social on Tuesday, October 8th! Please look for our invite to reach you by email in the coming days!

Following our October social we are planning to host a holiday party on Tuesday, December 3rd. Please be sure to save the date!

We will then be planning an educational/growth event for February which is tentatively scheduled for the 11th. We’ve also tentatively scheduled a social for April 7th, and another educational event / growth session for June 9th. More information will follow as we get these dates confirmed, so please use our website EVENTS page to stay up to date.


We are putting out a call for volunteers to join Michelle Kelly on our Planning Committee. If you are interested, please let us know! The Planning Committee will be responsible for organizing and coordinating our quarterly Building Women events. To get involved, please reach out to Michelle at

We also need sponsors to host future events! This can be by providing space, food, and or beverage for an upcoming session or social. If you or your organization is interested in sponsoring one of our events, please reach out to Megan at

Thank you for sticking with us through our hiatus! We are very much looking forward to reengaging with each of you!

Your Founding Members,

Megan, Kim, and Kenda

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