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Building Women Member Spotlight: Jessica Mangler


Bringing more than 8 years of experience in the healthcare design and construction industry, Building Women is pleased to spotlight Jessica Mangler.

About Jessica:

A Midwest native, Jessica is a proud graduate of Kansas State University where she received her degree in Architectural Engineering. Jessica moved to Seattle in April, 2016 and is currently a Mechanical Engineer with Affiliated Engineers, Inc. Her career has included providing mechanical systems design, energy modeling, and project management services for a variety of building types, including healthcare. She has a sincere passion for sustainable and technical building design, and participating in projects that bring needed services to the communities in which she lives and works.

While she appreciates her Midwest roots, the Pacific Northwest has proven to be an excellent second home for Jessica. She loves the mild climate, the availability of good coffee and red wine, and the number of new places to explore in the region.

Why Building Women?

Jessica is a huge supporter of women in the industry, and is excited about the learning opportunities Building Women will bring to the table. “I love that there are movements growing to support women in a variety of industries and that Building Women is creating that movement for the industry where I work! I think it’s important to provide environments that foster honest and open communication where people feel comfortable. I first became involved in Building Women before it had a name. It was fascinating to see the unnamed, “unofficial” group increase in size and interest and I’m optimistic about the named, “official” group providing a platform for enriching professional development, facilitating relationships, and encouraging camaraderie.”

We are excited to have Jessica in our group and look forward to learning and growing with her! If you would like to learn more about Jessica, you may reach her at 206.829.7381 or via email at